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:( I need help fast from anyone who has or knows anything about my problem, it started about 3 years ago, I started getting pain in the left side of my stomach that would freeze my in my tracks and hurt so bad that I almost fell over anytime it would happen, imagin having a pain that your entire body felt stiff and like someone was twisting your stomach like getting the water out of a dish rag, then when ever that happened I would feel gas pain that was like bubbles moving in my belly and right after that I would have to rush to the bathroom and have to have a bowl movement, but not a normal one, it would hurt worse than anything ive ever exsperanced before in my life, extreme belly pain, crying on the john, because it hurt so bad, I dont mean to joke, but like a bowling ball was coming out of my rectum, tearing, blood all through my stool, like it was mixed in with it, medium in color to dark and when I would wipe, red fresh blood all over the tissue, the water would be as red as if I cut myself, ive been to 3 doctors and a colarectal (I know I speeled it wrong) surgeon, 2 years ago there was a small mass removed and the g I doctor told me I have IBS due to having osteonecrosis of the spine and the medication I take, Im under an amazing amout of stress, so 3 months ago I when to a surgeon and after the examination he told me I had a fisher and a small pollup, so he set up surgery and when he went in, he found no fisher, no hemerriods, only a very small pollup, he basicly did nothing, the pollup came back fine from testing it, ive has 5 colonoscopys in the last 4 years and except for the small mass, everything is fine, but tonight I went to the bathroom and my stomach hurt very bad and it felt like nothing was coming out and I kept havinf feelings of I can only explain as spasums in my rectum that would come on every couple of seconds, almost like I was having an involintary convation of my rectum and there again a bowl with red water and spects of blood all around the inside of the bowl, blood in my stool, blood on the inside of the bowl and alot of blood on the tissue with what appeared to be a small blood clot on the tissue as well,,,please someone help me, my doctors cant find anything wrong even when I explain this to them and I need someone to help me, if you or someone you know has ever had anything like this happen, please email me with some advice, thanks for reading this long and very personal letter, chris,,,you can reach me at

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As a sufferer of IBS for 30 years I can fully understand your suffering. I had been searching intensively for a natural remedy for more than 10 years and 2 months back I tried a formula - at - consisting of :

1. bai hua she she cao﹐(Oldenlandia Diffusa)
2. ban zhi lian (Scutellariae barbatae)
3. bai mao gen (Imperata arundinacea)

At that page it is written: "It is especially effective for cancer of the rectum or hemorrhoid."

From day one of taking this formula, the pain in lower left bottom of my colon disappeared. This pain had been there on and off for the last 30 years, most of the days "on" and make me run for the toilet up to 7 to 10 times. 30 years back I already had it so bad - that colon pain, bloating with gas, rumbles in the intestines, diarrhea - that I remember even a few times on trips abroad I fell down in excruciating pain in the hotel toilets thinking I could black out or die any moment.

I believe all these have to do with work stress and toxin accumulation in the intestines. Over the last 10 years, I took numerous supplements, probiotics and herbal formulas. They did help somewhat e.g. tone up the colon to ease BM, cure chronic fatigue, reduce dampness symptom which aggravated IBS ... long story. However they did not seem to have rooted out the pain and discomfort arising from the colon.

Then I chanced upon the said formula and it resolved the root problem which initially (30 years back) sprung from a dull pain/discomfort in the colon. Since 2 months back I have been in remission from the colon irritation and furthermore my hemorrhoids which had developed over the decades are no longer so serious. They used to stay protruded & painful for the whole day; now they subside after bowel movement some 15 - 30 minutes later.

I am progressing well like never before. I do not know if the formula will work for you. I just don't know because IBS is a such complex problem. I am hoping that in the end it can be reduced to a single cause - toxin accumulation in the intestine as TCM had been saying.

I am posting this information for the benefit of sufferers who are desperate enough to try it out, starting from a small dosage if you want to be very safe. These herbs or their extracts are obtainable over the Internet or from a Chinese medical shop.

Note that the subject 3 herbs are cold or cooling herbs. Do visit the said site for more information as regard their usage.

Anyway, in the Asian country where I hail from, 1 to 3 of the said herbs are commonly sold in granules as common beverage, as packaged raw herbs to bring down heatiness and even as a soft drink. Few other herbs are so popular and safe for mass consumption.

If the remission of my IBS is complete in a month time, I am going to post all the information in a blog for the benefit of everyone.

By the way I have also submitted the same information to this site via an "Add On Information" option in an article on hemorrhoid. Hope they will publish it.

I wish one and all the best of health!


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Hi. I am very interested in trying these recommended Chinese herbs but nothing is mentioned about in what form or what the proportions are. Could you please be more specific as I would like to find these herbs and take them. I believe there is much wisdom from the East and I would prefer to go with a natural source first. I would appreciate whatever additional information you could provide me. Thank you.


The website where I got the said herbal formula cannot be published by this SteadyHealth site. Anyway it said to use 10 ~ 30 g of bai hua she she cao (Oldenlandia Diffusa) in raw herb form per dosage.

So I used the same amount for ban zhi lian (Scutellariae barbatae) and bai mao gen (Imperata arundinacea) .

I took this formula 2 to 3 times daily. I suggest adding a piece of mashed ginger (warm herb) to boil with the said 3 herbs to counteract their cooling properties. You should be able to obtain them from a TCM medical shop - in a Chinatown if you are living in the West.

I would'nt say that the formula completely resolved my problem but it had been a help.

Subsequently I developed a new protocol based on my understanding that bad bacteria have to be rid of from the colon. At first I tried probiotics but no matter how large the dosage the bad bacteria persisted. Hence I resorted to eating raw garlic with food 3 times daily. After a few weeks the symptoms of trapped gas and diarrhea were gone for good! That further improved my condition significantly.

Next i started toning up my colon by taking white oak bark powder, resveratrol and of late jiaogulan ( a most powerful overall tonic that is better than ginseng and without side effects even for my condition. Check it out, it might transform your life completely.)

You might also want to consider taking black fungus (a food) to improve circulation.

Today I feel like a new person when previously years back at times I "did not feel human", as one fellow sufferer aptly put it.

Today I use the toilet 2 to 4 times in the morning and colorectal inflammation is no longer an issue. Bleeding during BM is non-existent especially since taking white oak bark powder.

I have posted here the findings of 15 years of struggling persistent research via the Internet and deep analysis to understand what was wrong with me and how to treat it.

I do not know if the same protocol will work for you. However as a sidenote some medical professional reading this might want to look more closely into the information provided.


Can u please tell me were to get this stuff live in Perth wa



How much do you use of each herb? I did not see the site you referred to.