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I don't know whether any of these are connected but I am really worried there is something wrong with me. I am a 23 yr old female. I weigh about 7 and a half stone and I am 5ft 5inches. I have been having the following symptoms for about 6 months:

- Very cold hands and feet all the time even if I am hot. Finger nails and toe nails turn purple/blue.

- Blue lips. This can happen anytime, not just when I am cold. I usually lasts 10 mins or so.

- Heart rate of about 98bpm at rest.

- Drenching night sweats.

- Weight loss despite very large appetite and food intake.

- Excessive tiredness.

I have booked an appointment with my GP but would be glad of any suggestions.


hi, just wondering whether you have had a cough lately?