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Young son and I contracted chickungunya virus 5 months ago (those Aedes mozzies are prevalant in some city areas and many cases go un-recorded) with the symptoms:
*crippling joint and ligament pain and swelling (feet particularly)
*3 day fever; chills and sweats
*red rash with ~3mm whitespots (blue tinge centred within)
*sl headache, nausea
*WBC and platelettes slightly affected (monitored as outpatient)
* peeling face, soles and palms (2-3 weeks later)

Son aged 7 was fine after a week. Self (aged 40) continue to have much reduced but still crippling pain (I noticeably limp for several stepss when I stand up) in both feet - particularly after sitting, sleeping or a lot of walking the day before. Feet slightly swollen and fine surface capillaries evident. I experience night sweats to the degree of the top half of my shirt soaked almost every night, and have blue clusters of surface capillaries onthe inside of my feet, and legs where the rash had revealed the most blue tinge.

What would the recommended follow up be? My concern is (1) that I can't undertake sports or a painfree decent walk with the family and despite a healthy lean diet am also gaining weight (2) the feet are still a little swollen (can't wear usual shoes) and don't seem to see my usual nice large blood vessels, mostly surface red capillaries.

See GP and ask for his recommendation for a physio or vascular specialist or other? I cope without pain medication (mostly because it makes me nauseous and doesn't seem to make a lot of difference) but am concerned that not doing the right things now will have lasting effects!


You are right in saying that not doing the right thing now may lead to further consequences down the road. At this point it seems to me that you are still dealing with some symptoms of the disease, so I think that you should talk to your GP about what your options are. Your GP may send you to a specialist once you talk it over.

Please let us know how things turn out.