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a few days ago I got the feeling my wisdom tooth at the upper back was digging into my cheek, this progressively got worse, and made my mouth very uncomfortable, I opened my mouth as much as i could and saw my inner cheek was very badly swollen, I find it very difficult to eat and have a bad pain right at the back behind my wisdom tooth in one point, like a stabbing pain, at its peak my throat on that side also hurt when i swallowed., after 3/4 days the swelling now feels like it has receded from my cheek but now feels swollen on my upper gum, the stabbing pain at the back is still the same and still find it difficult to eat, I do not have any toothache.

Does anyone know what this could be and will it go without antibiotics, tia



Have you seen your dentist about this?

If not make an appointment asap

Feel better