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my grandfather has complained of aches and pains in his arm - from the elbow joint down for over six months now and refuses to see a doctor. at first the elbow joint was bothering him the most but now its just the muscle underneath, it hurts during normal acitivities like reaching for something. is it possible this could be bone cancer...and is it dangerous that its been left so long without being checked? it is constant pain that doesnt subside and basically that right arm is just really weak. i would really appreciate some answers.


Hi there,

I don’[t really think that he has problems with cancer. You have to understand that people in his age have problems with joints and they make things much harder in older people.  Pain in the arms is most likely caused by the arthritis, which is very often the main cause of problems in the elderly. I think that he needs to see a doctor and the get proper diagnosis, so he will be able to ease the pain that he has in his arms. There is no need for him to suffer like this, just take him to see a doctor. I hope this helped a bit.


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