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My father is 80 years old and has been deteriorating rapidly in terms of health recently. He has always had bad hips, but he has been falling a lot recently at night, when he gets up to go to the restroom. He fell the night before yesterday, and my mom told me over the phone this morning that my dad has a huge lump on his hip now, after the fall, and that he is refusing to see a doctor about it and claims it doesn't hurt, which I am sure is not true. I have been thinking of calling his family doctor myself, though I am unsure if this is ethical. What do you think?


Hi there,

You have to understand that elderly people often have problems with hips. I remember when my grandmother had the problem with her hips when she fell. It was really hard for her during that period but she managed to get over it. The recovery lasted for a long time and still she has some problems from time to time. So as you can see he won’t be able to get rid of his problem completely but some treatments will help him to lower the pain and the problems that he is facing right now. I hope that he won’t have too much pain in his hip and I hope that this helped.  


All the best