this may not be the right place,.....but it deals with muscles so.....
tonight I got this pain in my abdomen, it is so bad I ended up in bed crying.
I told my mum and she got really concerned because she said it was this weird muscle disorder in the lower pelvic region that cannot be cured. (she got concerned because she has it and she knows how painful it is) anyway she said that shes seen many doctors and the like about it and they all say its the same thing, that its some muscle disorder that cannot be cured and they have no idea what it is caused from. They think it might be stress related but its a long stretch... so... if anyone knows about it (or what the name of it is) could you please tell me because I really would like to get some more information...I was like...crying when I found out it would happen more.

other things that may be of help
I am not and have not been (yet ><) sexually active
it cant be monthly pain
makes you feel like you need to go to the toilet (Im told this is the worse thing you can do)
Pretty sure it has nothing to do with reproductive organs and the like
may have something to do with the bowel
effects, lower back, hips, bottom back part of the pelvis