Hi everyone, here we go.....

Im 28 years old and had SPD with both of my pregnancies. With the first (4yrs ago) i had spd & was on crutches at 36 wks. With the second i found it hard to walk from 10wks, the physio gave me crutches and said she couldn't help as i was pregnant. My youngest is now 18m old and i have been sufferring from bad pain in my lower back, pelvis, hips and pubic region. When i lie down on the bed, i feel like part of my back/pelvis etc will stay stuck to the bed if i tried to roll over & it feels like the whole area is seizing up. Ive had 2 MRI scans which olny showed a bulging disc in my lower spine so, ive had a steriod injection which hasnt helped much. I also get painful pins and needles in my feet every morning & when standing for a while. During sex/driving/sitting etc i get a stabbing pain in one or both of my hips. Im also having investigations into irregular periods/ovarian cysts/stabbing abdominal pain on my right side - but dont know if its relevant.

Im seeing a hip specialist next week & am trying to find out possible causes so i wont then be fobbed off at the hospital!!

Anyone got any ideas????

Thank you