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Hello. So about 8 months ago I became dependent on pain killers (mostly percs and vicodins). I then became pregnant. I tried quitting several times throughout but couldn't do it. I am now 7 months pregnant and finally came clean to my Obgyn. She immediately got on phone with chemical dependence place and got me in. Well they put me on Subutex. Said I will be on for remainder of pregnancy. There will be no tapering. I am extremely frustrated and really don't want to take another addicting pill to get over other addiction. Its my fourth day being on Sub and really not digging side effects. Can anyone tell me why it is bad to wean off pain pills or subs during pregnancy? I just want to be done with the damn pills. And now reading all this info about how hard it is to get off Subs really scares me.


It can cause unwanted stress to the baby and it is better for baby to withdraw out of utero than in the utero, this way he/she can be monitored.  Also for the healthiness of your pregnancy you want to be as healthy as can be and withdrawing for you is not viable.  You should talk to your OB about your concerns.