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well lets see .. i am pretty much flat . i am 16 . when i was growing up , my boobs never really grew . expect for more den a few weeks ago , i noticed that my boobs started growing . i was a A cup , nd i got up to a b cup . but then all of a sudden i started noticing that my boobs were getting smaller . i thought this was all in my head, so i didnt really pay no attention to it until my friends/family/boyfriend told mee that i looked smaller. and i also started noticing that my bras didnt fit me anymore . i never reallly knew this could even happen . so i started asking my friends if they ever had or heard this type of problem , nd they looked at mee all weird . they told mee that they have never heard anything like dis . nd they also never had this type of problem .. idk wht it means or if its normal . am kinda worried since no one i know has had or heard about ur boobs getting smaller . i even done research and i havnt found anything on it either . can sumone please help mee ?


I'm male, but had a gf in HS with exactly the same thing. During her teens, her breasts ranged exactly as yours, flat to A to B and back to A, etc. Mostly it had to do with her period. They would swell almost a full cup size in the weeks just before (I think) her period, then go back down. This is common in many women, but she was really slender, so the swelling was more obvious/noticalble to others. 

Another issue could be weight loss. Most women who lose weight lose bra size. Even if you didn't intend to lose weight, you may have become more active in the spring, took up a new sport, or changed your diet and lost some fat. Boobs are made mostly of fat, so you may have dieted dow a cup size. 

Hope this helps.