I fell downstairs (about 4 steps) in the middle of January 08. My right foot twisted underneath me on impact.
First of all the doctor said no broken bones (as seen on the x-ray). It was strapped up with a crepe bandage and an appointment was made for 2 weeks after. I could not put any weight on it at all. The swelling was still really bad when I went back. The first doctor I saw mentioned 'Linsfranc and Jones' fractures but the second doctor thought they could see a slight fracture on two of my metatarsals and I was put in plaster for another 5 weeks. I can put weight on it for a bit, but it still really hurts if I twist (even slightly) my foot.

I have broken this foot once before (about 10 years ago) but I was fine in a week or so, this time seems much longer.

Has anyone got any advice please???