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Hello there, I am 32 years old female who is suffering from bronchitis. I know everything about the condition but I would like to know something about bronchitis remedies. I heard that milk is a good remedy for bronchitis. Is this true or not? Thank you in advance for everything you say.


Yeah it is true; milk is indeed a good remedy for bronchitis. There are many more remedies. I can't remember every single one but I will give it a shot. Bryonia can help you especially when your cough is very painful but dry. Causticum is used when bronchitis with a deep, hard cough is present. Silicea and sulphur are used as bronchitis remedies too.


Treat Bronchitis with vitamin C

Vitamin C is a very popular healing vitamin. It is specifically used in patients with bronchitis because it can fight common cold, which is one of the symptoms of this disease.
A study was performed to a group of people with bronchitis and they were given 200 mg of Vitamin C everyday. Their conditions are better than those who were not given vitamin C at all.
Vitamin E for Bronchitis

Vitamin E is a known antioxidant.
This vitamin prevents oxidative damages to the lungs, which were usually brought about by environmental pollution and cigarette smoking.
In fact, Vitamin E is so vital some doctors are even prescribing increased dosage to patients so they can be protected against the usual air pollution around them.
Bronchitis Treatment with Vitamin A

Vitamin A is prescribed in children than in adults.
It has been found out that children with Vitamin A deficiencies are more prone to developing measles or any related infections that could otherwise lead to respiratory problems like pneumonia and bronchitis.
But more than that, Vitamin A can also boost a person's immune system so that the inflammation of the windpipes heals faster naturally.