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Hello all, I have a question about my brother who is diabetic and a professional driver: what is the upper sugar limit for driving. We know that there is a limit for hypoglycemia and I believe that is a 4 but I haven't seen any information about the upper sugar limit for driving. Does anyone have any information about this? I have searched the Internet and I can't find anything about it. That seems rather odd to me. Maybe there isn't an upper limit but that seems kind a crazy. Any help would be appreciated. I was wondering if that included specific symptoms as well. Thanks.


Hello, I don't think I've ever seen an supper sugar limit for driving either. It could be because it is hard to define. And, I do believe the lower limit is 4. Hypoglycemia may be physiologically easier to define than hyperglycemia. As your brother is a professional driver, you might check with the Department of Transportation. They would have information on sugar metabolism problems and diabetics. They have a medical division that provides this type of information. You can also check with TRUCKMED and see what they have. I know they have information about altering lifestyles and DOT medical certifications. I'm not a professional driver but I do have a friend who is and he is diabetic as well. I asked him about the upper sugar limit and he didn't know. Since there is a lower limit you would think there would be an upper limit and not having one makes me kind a nervous about the diabetics driving out there. I suppose if you are experiencing any hyperglycemic symptoms, you shouldn't drive which of course makes sense. But, what if you were not aware of it. Maybe it's something you need to talk about with your diabetes manager(s). It may be that it is individual specific some way.