Hi ,

usually my period are irregular like sometimes 35 -45 days but my period will last upto 3 days(red blood).

recent i used tablets like folate and ovacare ,susen which are precribed by doctor. 

my period is on 26 oct and i started taking  tablets as above i got my period on 22 nov which is black blood for 3 days and no need for pads .only panty is enough and i saw black clots on that day.

iam scared and stopped tablets .

22 nov -dec 20  without any tablets. dec 20 i got my period that too brown blood and somewhat red blood mixed and it is very light panty is enough and brown clots are seen....

plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz someone advice me ....help me ... i cant effort for doctor at present ... 

is it iam pregnant .... if yes i will be very happy ...... plzzzz send me ... i will wait for ur replies