i am ttc#3 had a previous cesarean nearly 2years ago. and have been prescribed clomid this month (1st 50mg cycle) days 3-7. i b'd days 9,11,13,15,16(LH SURGE 14 &15), and b'd again day 17 in morning(WHICH IS TODAY) my bbt took an increase yesterday and more so today from 36.21centigrade to 36.88 my cm hasnt been ew after lh surge at all. but since CD9 i have had 24-7 tender breasts, more so since day 13. and started feeling nauseous yesterday and today till 12-2pm. which i recognise as very rare because in both my previous pregs i never got sickness till about 18-19days past an lh surge. Could it be possible that i've succeeded, or even more curious,...that ovulation was day15.