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Really hoping someone can shed some light on what happens to your body after a miscarriage and trying to conceive again.

I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks, blighted ovum and got period 3 weeks to the day of when the miscarriage started it was light and mainly old blood as it was brown sorry if TMI. So we have decided to try again so I took a ovulation predictor test, I took it and it had my LH surge happening 6 days after period started. Because it was only 3 weeks from my miscarriage that I got my period it turns out if I was ovulating 6 days after my period it is looking like a 21 day cycle, when before miscarriage I was 30 days.

My question is what are the chances of pregnancy, we obviously had sex when we were supposed to but because my body is all over the place I am not sure how many days are going to be in my cycle or when I can test for pregnancy

Also I know I should have at least waited 2 if not 3 cycles before trying, but we both really want this and thought we would be ok to start trying.


Hi! I found that it is not clear how long a couple should wait before attempting to become pregnant after miscarriage to maximize their chances of a healthy pregnancy. Some researchers suggests that sooner may be better. The scientists found that women conceiving within six months of a miscarriage have better chances of a successful and complication-free second pregnancy than women who conceive later. You'll find some useful information here Take care and good luck!