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ve been taking the shot for about 2 years and my last appointment was dec. 10th of 06. i was supposed to go back to get another one after 3 months around march 10th but i missed it. the last time i had sex was around jan. 19th of 07. now today is the 29th of march 07 and i have been having soreness in my breasts for about a week in a half. i havent been feeling sick or anything. maybe a bit tired but that could be because ive been staying up late. ive had some white discharge but that happens some times any way.

how will i know if im pregnant or not if i havent had my period in about 2 years???


will a home pregnancy test work?


I had sex with my boyfriend unprotected, and I'm on birth control pills. We had unprotected sex on the first week of my pill. I took BCP before my period. Now I'm spotting, i don't know if the spotting is caused by BCP or it is telling me that I'm pregnant? Do i have a high chance on being pregnant?