Alright, Let' Get To The Point Of This, Shall We? A Few Months Back, I Had Gotten My First Period (12 Yrs Old) And It Was Normal. I Had Cramps, Fatigue, My Breasts Were Sore, The Whooole Story. Well, Now Its Been A Few Months (I Do Understand that I Wont Be Regular Until After Awhile, So I Expected It Not To Come Back Soon) And Just Yesterday I Started Noticing I Had Brown Discharge In My Underwear. Today It Came Back Again, And A Little Bit Heavier Too Because I Went To The Bathroom I Saw Little Pieces Of Red In The Toilet, But It Isn't Like My Last Period. Now I Have Back Aches And The Discharge Is A LIght Brown Color. Was Just Wonderibg If That Was Mother Nature Warnin Me About The Next Few Days Or Something Else :) (Sorry For The CapitaLs, My Phone Is Being Obnoxious As Of Late)