Jack Mitchell, a 16 year-old boy, weighed 20st (127kg) at this early age and was constantly bullied at school because of it. He had no self-esteem, stayed at home most of the time instead of hanging out with friends and ate even more until he decided to do something about it. Two years after, Jack has gone down to 83 kg, and named young slimmer of the year.

Jack tells that he had a lot of problems at school because of his weight. Not only was he bullied severely by his school friends but also teachers. Even, people in the streets called him fat. That hurt, however, was not why he started dieting. All the bulling and the mocking made him even eat more.

"I wouldn't eat at school. In the end I went in to school for my exams and came home.
"I couldn't cope with the pressure of being in that environment. I was constantly under stress."

What actually made him consider dieting was a friend who had already lost 2st 7lbs and an incident in a clothes store that sold large sizes, when he realized their large size was too tight for him.

And he thought, 'I'm either going to have to have clothes specially made or I'm going to get stuck in the house constantly and I won't be able to go out and enjoy things with friends.' Now, that was the turning point.

Jack joined Slimming World meetings to help him lose weight in July 2006 and switched to a healthy diet.
He says that giving up the food and having some healthier choices wasn’t hard at all, the hard part was admitting he had a problem and going along to the group.

"When you're young and when you're a man going to a slimming group, it can be quite a daunting thing.
"You think about TV shows you see and it's all a joke or it's full of older women talking about diets and things you can and can't have.

After losing weight, Jack tells he’s being far more active. “Nowadays, I fit five minutes of exercise in whenever I like through the day. I build that up over time and now I walk five miles a night with my mum."

His character has completely changed after losing weight. His confidence and self-esteem have gone way up. He know goes out with friends and is not afraid to explore the world.

“Finally, there’s no pressure of being constantly looked at and judged by the way I looked.”