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alright, so i shaved my pubes back in early february and since that time ive had red bumps in that area. i originally thought they were ingrown hairs, and since that time ive pulled a lot of in grown hairs out of different ones. its definitely gotten way better as time has gone on, it was bad for a while. im pretty positive its not an std, due to the literally, 2 months theyve been there now. i remember i shaved it all once before and it was kinda irritated for a while, but this is ridiculous. any advice? ive recently been putting vitamin e on it but these last 10-15 just dont want to go away. 


Hi Helpme,

It's not likely ingrown hairs but a staph infection.  They are very common after shaving.

As you shave it cuts the skin.  The staph bacteria, which is very common and not usually a problem get into the skin and the infection takes hold.  Red bumps are a sign.

Wash the area well then keep it clean and dry.  You might consider an antibacterial cream.  If it doesn't improve, see your doctor.