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I am a 17 year old male, and recently I have noticed a red spot appear on my pubic hair area. I first noticed it about 2 days ago, however at the time it was quite small, now however it has gotten considerably bigger, and i'm slightly worried and sort of paranoid about it.

I've been trying to think about any reasons why it has appeared... I do shave down there, and it is occasionally with a Razor. (my own research tells me that it could possibly be a Razor Bumps, or Razor Burn?) i'm not too sure. Also i am not sexually active, so anything related to that, it cannot be. 

Another thing i want to know, is how long will it last for? Days? Weeks?

Please reply ASAP, thank you:)


Hello there,

 It sounds to me like you have an ingrown hair. The bump will get larger, and eventually painful. Sometimes after you shave, a hair will begin to grow, but curves around back into the skin. It then becomes a red infected bump. Don't sweat it, it's pretty common. My daughter gets them often. She usually just puts ice on it to numb the skin, and pokes it with a pin. Then she puts peroxide on it Of course I'm not a doctor, and really can't tell if an ingrown hair is your issue. I'm sure if you look up photos or videos of ingrown hairs you may be able to tell.

Hope this helps, because any unknown issues of this type would make anyone panic :)