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ok well i have looked at loads of posts and im quite sure i havent got an std, but its allot easier to just get some advice and see if this is a common thing or i should go get checked.

Now im 20 year old, and i shaved my pubic with a razor in the shower and im well aware of the itchenss and rash, but i have now found tiny white dimples/spots with puss in, these are small and theres a few now is this due to ingrown hairs and and because i used a razor?

This is detailed because i obviously wana know what the problem is ASAP!!! Im now paranoid i have something & i also am seing some girl and i dont want her thinking i have an STD!

any advice and posts are gratefully accpeted and thanks for your time.


I'm pretty sure you don't have an STD. I've had that happen when I shaved down there as well in the past.

Do you shave with the grain or against the grain?

I found that shaving up against the grain caused ingrown hairs and little pimples like that because the follicles become opened up for bacteria to go in and it causes irritation.