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okay so. I have these bumps around my vagina that are about the size of a pin prick and they are not red or white, they are the same color of my skin, they first appeared in a row on one side now they are on the other. I recently had sex with my boyfriend (no condom, on birth control)and I'm worried it may be a disease or something. but yet the bumps do not itch, hurt, or pus. they are just simply there. maybe they've been there for a while and I'm just noticing them now? I'm not sure if they came before or after we had sex. but I'm just a little worried.


I believe that these bumps are natural. I've been doing a little research because I have a new girlfriend and as we were... "being intimate" I felt the little bumps and they worried me. But I didn't want to ask because it would have seemed weird. I believe they are natural and nothing to fear.