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My vagina's been really irritated lately, which I think started when I used a latex condom about 3 weeks ago, but the itching and redness hasn't stopped yet.  I've taken a pill for a yeast infection which might have helped a little.  But there are these tiny bumps all over the crease between the labia on either side.  they're all singular and pink (but that's just the colour of the skin there right now) or white.  Theyre all smaller than the head of a pin, but I'm not sure if they've always been there or are new.  My inner labia and the opening to the vagina look fine.  I can't get a doctor's appointment for a few weeks and I'm getting really scared and can't wait that long, so I was wondering if someone could give me advive on whether they sound like warts or might be something else like fordyce spots? I don't think the bumps in particular are itchy just the whole crease is, could that be eczema (which I get on my face a lot)



I'm wondering if you every used a latex condom before.  There are a number of people that are allergic to latex and you may just be one of them.  Usually people have a problem with latex gloves so their hands are affected.  I can imagine having a reaction on the labia could be very diconcerting.  For the moment don't wash yourself with soaps.  This can be very irritting and drying and make the area itch/burn more.  Try using an emollient cream that contains nothing in it but cold cream like ponds.  You can use the ponds to wash yourself with and rinse it then put some more on and leave it there.  This will protect the area from bacteria and at the same time keep it moist.  This should help.  If it doesn't go away in a few days make sure to keep your doctor's appointment.  He/she may have to give a steroidal cream of some type.