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The problem is, there are small "bumplike" structures located on the underside and sides of my penis. They do not hurt, itch, or burn. They do not open up either. They all contain hairs except for the ones that are up farther on the shaft. What I would like to know is....what your opinion is on what it is.

What could it be? I am trying to do a self-diagnosis because my parents would flip out if they even had a hint that I have an STD. Even though I am 18, I still live at home because I am in school. I want to know what it is......I will even upload a pic if someone thinks they can diagnose it.



It sounds from your description like you are perfectly normal. Bumps like this are common, and they are NOT caused by an STD. They are simply prominent sebaceous glands – glands that produce skin oils – and many men have similar issues. The bumps can be flesh colored or reddish, and they often appear around hair shafts. If you have any penis-related symptoms accompanied by itching, fever, redness, pain or swelling, you should have them checked by a doctor, but it sounds like you have nothing to worry about. Just keep things clean down there, and try using a penis health cream fortified with penis-specific vitamins and minerals to stimulate the formation of healthy skin and nerve tissue.