Hi I'm going in for a bunion op this Wednesday (14th Dec). The operation I'm having is a Scarf Osteotomy on one foot. I had my pre-op assessment today and asked if I could have a local anaesthetic. They said that was not possible but gave me the option of a spinal anaesthetic instead of a general if I prefer it. He said I would also be sedated.

Does anybody have comparitive experience of both of these or any advice? I can make my choice when I go in on Wednesday morning but I really don't know which would be best.

My main reason for wanting to avoid a general anaesthetic is to speed up the initial recovery from anaesthetic but also because I'm a singer and want to be able to practice my singing right away. I believe with a general anaesthetic you often have a sore throat and that it is occasionally necessary to use an endotracheal tube which could cause more discomfort / damage to the throat.

I'm 43, reasonably fit and healthy and my weight is normal.