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I have an upcoming austin bunionectomy this Friday, Aug. 28th!!!! :-( I'm scared out of my wits, to say the least!! Along with the austin bunionectomy, I'm also having two hammertoes removed but no pins or screws will be inserted which I find kind of strange. But I will have a pin in after removal of my bunion. Has anyone had this type of procedure? I'm not worried about the bunionectomy, but I'm worried about the hammertoes! Can someone give some insight? My doctor will be giving me percocet for pain. Thanks.


Brace yourself! 13 years ago whrn I was 30 and only had myself and my husband to worry about. I had an osteotomy of my 1st left tarsal bone and correction of the halux other words a bunionectomy. It was not an austin bunionectomy were they break the head of the metatarsal. Mine was a break of the strainght part of the bone. I had an orthopedic surgeon (M.D.) who specialized in feet. My insurance did not cover a podiatrist because they are not M.D's. I had 2 pins in place to stabilize the broken bone.

1) For two weeks I had the most intense throbbing pain even on percocet. My foot was elevated 24 hours of the day, even at night. The pain was constant, day and night. The percocet made me naseated. So, my doc gave me an antiemetic so that those feelings would go away. If I had known better I would have asked for the antiemetic before leaving the hospital and experiencing pain and wanting to throw- up.

2) I was on crutches for 2 MONTHS. Even after 6 months I could not fit my swollen foot into my wedding shoe.

3) The only reason I did the surgery was because I could not walk for more that 25 minutes before I had pain in my toe joint. I have a bunion on my right foot too, but unless I cannot walk for more than 2 hours without pain I AM NOT DOING ANYTHING! I have kids now and I have to be able to take care of them. There is no way I can be incapacitated for 2 week, let alone 2 months.

4)After the foot was "healed"-- about 2 months, I was experiencing sharp stabbing pain in the arch of my foot. The X-rays were normal, but that did not matter to me. So, I had the 2 pins removed at the doctor's office and never experinced pain anymore.

5) I am glad I did the surgery, but my foot gets swollen on occasion.

My advice: Make sure you have good pain control. I actually ran out of medicine the first week during the weekend and believe me , you do not want to suffer the intence pain....WORSE than labor pain!