I understand a number of stories about bunionectomies have been discussed, lately. Some of those have been good, others terrible. I had a bi-lateral bunionectomy several weeks again. I've been walking since week 2. In fact, my rehab started after the first 7-days. What I've found in PT is that it all comes down to the doctor. From there, the protocal. I used Dr. Lowell Weil, Jr for the surgery and a Accelerated Rehad Facilities in Naperville. I find it neccessary to reference the 95th street office if you are close.

Personally, I find myself to be very lucky. I was a scholarship athlete that played pro ball. My short lived career landed me as a coach for a number of "pros to be," Once I couldn't keep up, now was the time. Your feet are critical for your life, I've found.

Do yourself the favor, do it! Buy yourself new shoes and enjoy!