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Ever since a gallbladder attack a year ago Dec. I started getting burning in my upper back on the right side around the ribcage area. I had surgery just this past Dec. and I am still having the burning in my back and a lot of heart burn. Was wondering if anyone eles has had this issue. So far no one has talked about the burning that I am feeling in my back.


I had a recent hip replacement.  When I came out, I kept complaining about hurting under my right breast; it was very sore.  I was under a lot of meds and they sent me home on the third day.  Several days went by and I went in to bathe so I moved a little more than normally staying in bed and could not catch my breath.

I went to the emergency room and they found I had two broken ribs!  They wanted to give me pain meds but I opted for a big motrin shot and pads that are applied to the skin to quiet the pain. 

I have not used them for several days because my skin burns every time I move my arm or body in that rib area.


I was trying to read up on it but you are the only one that has complained about the burn.