When I was 19 years old I was diagnosed with IBS. As the years went on things have gotten worse. I had an endoscopy when I was 23 and found out that I had a small hiatal hernia. They gave me prevacid for it and it helped out alot. Then as the years have gone by I seemed to have gotten sicker and stuff after I ate and was getting burning in my stomache.  Last year I had another endoscopy and colonoscopy. The endo came back saying I had a lot of inflammation in my upper intestine and the doctor didn't even do anything about it and I had a moderate hiatal hernia now. I have no clue what is going on. I am now 31 years old and still have stomache issues where they can't seem to figure out. When I get a major flare up my face will get all blotchy, my whole stomache will hurt. feet will swell and sometimes I even throw up. I have been to U of M dearborn and to two gastros and they can't figure it out. I went to my regular doctor and they said it could be leaky gut. So I take probiotics and other stuff on a regular basis. I follow a real strict diet. I also have been allergy tested and I am allergic to dairy products big time.  Lately I have been noticing I have been doing better with mushy foods. As soon as I eat a solid food my stomache starts to kill me and sometimes I will be laying in a ball after I eat. I workout on a daily basis. Walking, eliptical, yoga etc....  I have taken IBS medications. It works for so long and then I get side effects from the medicines. Any suggestions? The last CT Scan I had they found out that I had multiple cysts on my spleen. Could that be causing all my pain? :( The doctors didn't do anything about that either .