I had a urine infection for approx. two weeks (our doctor was away) then saw him when he came back.

I felt extreme pain near where my kidneys are, felt like they were going to burst. Saw the Dr, urine sample showed infection. Had antibiotics and urine infection went away.

Still had loads of pain though. Had to go to the Dr's twice for IV fluids and painkillers.

Prescribed painkillers and antibiotics again, both not working. So sent away for an ultrasound.

The lady that did it said my kidneys were healthy and looked great! So I am now at a loss as to what is wrong with me. Seeing the DR on Monday (as results will be back then)

Pain is here all the time, never eases up, gets a lot worse when sitting or lying down. Pain seems to get worse after passing urine, to the point where I am crouched over in pain, but it doesn't hurt to pass urine like a urine infection (hope that makes sense). My appetite has decreased, I have intermittent nausea and also the pain radiates to my hips and sometimes down my right leg.

Oh and I am 26 years old and have two children (7 and 2).