I read that the use of hot sauce could help with Burning Mouth . I dismissed this as impossible. I couldn't think of a more unlikely way to help improve my flaming tongue and mouth. Last week I was having an especially tough time, and decided to try even the hot sauce.

  I put 4-5 drops in an ounce of water and swished it around my mouth for a couple of minutes. It did burn and continued to burn for several minutes after I spit it out. I was left with a tingling sensation that lasted through the evening.

  Before I swished, my tongue and mouth had some VERY hot spots as happens in the afternoon most days. The tingling sensation was throughout my mouth and was much easier to deal with than the really hot spots. I have continued this every afternoon since, and feel that even though it is not a cure it leaves me with a better mouth feel than before I began.

  I know that other folks are doing this hot sauce swish, and would like to hear how you are getting along.