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hi, i'm a 14 year old female, that has very unusual periods of burping almost to the point of vomit. it happens on it's own, with never any warnings. when i burp it gives me a minor chest pain. it never lets me sleep. and as a student it hurts my hours of rest i need. i have not consulted a doctor about it. i don't know if it's important enough. i would like to know whats wrong with me, this has been going on almost abnout once a month for about a year now. it's very disturbing.

p.s. please help me with any information



Hi Lila,
Did you ever get any answers to your condition? It sounds just like my 17 year old son, who has been suffering the same sort of symptoms for the last 2 years. It's similar because you mentioned that it comes on without warning, regularly but not all the time. My son has had lots of investigations, and has been told it's 'aerophagia' - swallowed air. That just doesn't fit the symptoms! He's missing school when the burping is really bad, as his stomach won't accept food at those times either.
Isn't it horrible? You have my sympathy! I hope that maybe you have found a solution by now.
Best wishes,
Jon's mum!