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Last night, I had a blood vessel in the back of my left hand burst and it turned my hand blue and tingly. I called a nurse help-line, and they said to go in and have it checked out. When I was in the waiting room at the ER, another one ruptured in the back of my right hand. The doctor ran a bunch of blood tests, said they were all normal, and that it must just be Raynaud's. I told him I wasn't out in the cold or using any power tools when this happened, I was just sitting and watching a movie, but he said that's what it is and told me to keep my hands warm. Now today I've had blood vessels burst on both hips and the left one is pretty painful. What is this?? I work alone so now I'm afraid to go to work tonight. What if one bursts in my brain next? Please help me understand this!



I have similar occurances in my fingers, hands and toes. Going through the a very knowledgable person in the health food industry with a degree in holistic nutrition, she told me I am very certainly deficient in boiflavanoids. She told me the white pithy part in oranges are very high in bioflavanoids. She advised me to get a 500 mg bioflavanoid supplement with Rutin. Natures Life at the Health Food Store is a good brand. They carry the brands that are without all sorts of chemicals and fillers that you find in regular drug stores. Below is a bit of info on bioflavanoids I cut and pasted for you from a website. Unfortunately, our doctors are not instructed enough on how foods affect the body during their medical training. They just don't see how necessary getting enough of certain foods or cutting out other foods would heal our illness...especially with children and their asthma and allergies. It's a sad thing because people could get well from just a bit of info like this. But instead they are put on all sorts of medication which hurts their bodies in the long run because that's what doctors are trained to do...Treat symptoms with medication or often times worse, they altogether remove the problem area instead of find the source of the problem and heal it. The lady I spoke with was very much concerned and said if my veins are bursting on their own with no bumping or impact, that is a sign that I am very highly deficient and should take up to double the recommended amount each day until the bursting stops occurring. Then go back to the recommended dosage. She said there is definite danger to my brain - stroke - if a deficiency this high is left unmanaged. God bless.

Deficiency of bioflavonoids
If a diet contains enough fruit and vegetables, bioflavonoids should not be deficient, but deficiency would show up as bruising. Where antioxidants are indicated and none present bioflavonoids could be of help, as well as for iron deficiency, since they help in the absorption of iron.

The dosage underneath is the Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA), but be aware that this dosage is the minimum that you require per day, to ward off serious deficiency of this particular nutrient.

In the therapeutic use of this nutrient, the dosage is usually increased considerably, but the toxicity level must be kept in mind.

No dosage has been determined but 500 mg per day is indicated for supplementation.

Toxicity and symptoms of high intake
Very high dosages of bioflavonoids may cause diarrhea.

Best used with
Bioflavonoids should be taken with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and calcium.

When more may be required
Bioflavonoids should be taken with vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and calcium.

Other interesting points
Absorption of the bioflavonoids can be a little slow, but small amounts can be stored in the body.

If you are suffering from cold sores, consider taking a supplement of 1,000-mg vitamin C and 1,000 mg bioflavonoids, and then 500 mg of each, three times a day.

A daily intake of vitamin C and bioflavonoids may make you less susceptible to cold sores.

Food sources
Bioflavonoids are found in the white material just beneath citrus peel, as well as in peppers, grapes, pine bark, onions, garlic, blue and red berries, green tea as well as buckwheat.Code: