My name is S S Praveen aged 37yrs male. Got my eyes checked for irritation in my right eye persisting for more than a week. Doctors told me that there is calcium deposits in my eye. Initially they gave me lubricant eye drops( as they were dry to be used for over a week and then three months. Then went for second opinion he has seen it thoroughly and then advised me for Eye ointment and eye drops as he said there was infection and then advised me for 10days. After that he asked me tosee him again and when i had been to him he checked me and advised me for glasses and told me to use it for all the time as it would avoid the formation of calcium deposits.

The second opinion was a known doctor. He insisted me to use the glasses all the time. Is there any medicine to remove the calcium deposits and set my vision without glasses. I work on computer and watch TV once i am back home till late in the night. Above all i take a nap of 6-7hrs per day.

Kindly advise me.

Thanks and regards