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Is there a weight/speed/incline chart for a treadmill to advise how many calories are burned by so much time on the treadmill


Hi. Well every exercise is a good exercise until you don't exaggerate. And because people are different it is hard to give advice which is going to be good for everybody. So maybe it is the best solution to listen to your body and don't exceed the limit. But there are a few steps to calculate calories burned on a treadmill. First of all obtain your measurements: weight, age and gender. Then you should put on your heart monitor. Be sure that it's detecting your heart rate and begin walking or running on the treadmill. After that record your heart rate when it reaches 90 bpm and keep it between 90 and 130 bpm during your workout on the treadmill. When you finish working out stop the heart rate recorder while your heart rate is still above 90 bpm. After that you need to apply equation which is different for male and female so maybe you could give me additional information about yourself?