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I have a birthmark on the center of my chest. It's about a little less than a centimeter. I am a female I'm 19 and I'm extremely insecure about it. Is it possibe to get it removed? If It can be removed will it be noticeable:


What type of birthmark do you have on your chest?  Is it raised at all or any color to it?  There are several ways of removing it, such as laser removal, surgically removing it, or cauterizing it.  It depends on if there is a raised surface to it.  Laser removal would probably offer the least scarring and wouldn't leave much of a defined border.  You should talk to a dermatologist about the best option to remove your birthmark since it is more visible than if it were anywhere else that is covered by clothing.  Tattoos are removed by lasers, and I have seen minimal scarring with that procedure.