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I have been having a feeling of pressure in my head, especially in the back of my head and my eyes. Can this be caused by low potassium?
I am wondering because I have bulimia, and it causes me to have low potassim often.


Hi Regina, 

You are definitely right in linking bulimia with low potassium levels, but, even though low potassium does lead to feeling dizzy or generally weak, the main and most dangerous symptoms of low levels of potassium are related to heart problems. That is why it’s extremely important to see the doctor and do the general blood tests to eliminate the possibility of developing heart problems.

But, you also need to take into account the fact that bulimia causes more than potassium deficiency. You probably also are lacking several important vitamins that you get through food and food only and these deficiencies are far more likely to cause pressure headaches. But, you should also check to see if you maybe need to wear glasses. As weird as it may sound, the common symptom people experience when they are straining their eyes too much is feeling of pressure behind the eyes.