My name is Mary, 58 years old, Asian. I just found out that I have bunion on my big tow joints, and here and there where ever I can see like finger joints, hand joints, etc. And I have a little pain on my left big tow joint once in a while. Not significant now, but I want to prevent to make it worse, or even better, I want to de-calcify the cause (bone growth) without surgery.

I heard that (A) ultra-sound can reduce bone growth. Someone told me that the (B) new grown bone of bunion is softer than original bones. So, I reason with myself that, combining A and B together, if I can have a ultra-sound gadget, I can heal my bunion without going to doctor, or surgery of any kind.

Please let me know about ultra-sound, ultra-sound gadgets, or other useful informations.

Thank you. Jesus loves you.

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