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Me and my gf were "dry humping" I fingered her while doing this and I don't know if I precumed because I never have before, also my penis may have rubed up against the outer ledge of her vagina, I moved it away and continued fingering her. I did not penetrate her at all, I did not feel comfortable dry humping without a condom once I remember that so I put one on, so we started to have sex. About a 1:30 mins in I wanted to replace the condom so I did, my penis was not wet but moist, is that precum? But then I fingered I may have wiped my hands. idk please help can she get pregnant from any of these situations. Additional information she's on the antidepressant zoloft and she's a virgin if that helps


Hi kid,

With any sexual contact there is a risk of pregnancy, but it sounds very unlikely.

The moisture you noticed may well have been precum.  If you haven't ejaculated yet then it is considered not to contain sperm.

I don't think she's pregnant.