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Hello, i'm 14 years old and do what many describe as lots of pushups. I was quite happy doing my pushups until a person told me that pushups can stunt growth. Ok, im doing 700 pushups a day with long intervals (4m+) in sets of 70 ( 4 sets before breakfast and 6 after school). I'm small for my age (like really small) and i'm not sure what to do now, keep on going and possibly not grow or ditch pushups. I don't really want to stop because i'm happy where i'm at and don't want to go backwards. What should i do?


Hey Westbury,

to give you a simple and clear answer: NO. There are no exercises that will stunt your growth, quite the opposite. As far as I know there is absolutely no connection between push-ups and stunted growth. As matter of fact, push-ups are recommended by he Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as one of the exercises for optimal health.The only thing to worry about is weight lifting, if you go too heavy it will harden the cartilage in your joint and it will make life very painful. If it makes you happy and you are pleased with results just keep doing push-ups, its healthy and builds your muscles, doesn't have anything negative to do with growth, don't worry.

Hope this helps, cheers m8.