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I am 13 years old and i am 5' 6 1/2" tall i weigh 150. i started lifting weights when i was ten and i was 4 foot tall and i could only lift 10 pounds above me head and i was weak and scronny now i can lift 275 well i could then i stopped working my stomache muscles and they got really weak now i can lift 100 above my head now im starting to work my stomache muscles again and so i can get back up to 275 maybe even 300 and im also doing deadlifts,bench press ,squats,overhead squats and alot of other stuff my arms are really strong but now as strong as i want please give me alot of exercises for my stomache,arms,chest,and legs thanks.


I don't think you should lifting that much weights above your head at that age. Other exercises yes, but for that i am not sure. 

You can achieve the same results with body exercises like push ups (unless you are a professional body builder). You can work on your stomach, arms and chest with push ups only. 

I can tell you my push up program which targets biceps, triceps, chest, stomach, shoulders, and back. If you are interested?