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Hi Iam an 18 year old male.

About 9 months ago I had a really bad diet and was really skinny, around 63 kilos..My digestive system was a mess. Ever since I have dropped bad habits and started bodybuilding, my diet is high in protein , fibre, carbs and healthy fats. Soon I realised I Had a fast metabolism. At first it was hard to hit my goal of 3300 healthy calories a day but it feels like my body adjusted. Now I weigh 70kilos and am pretty lean. The problem is I urinate very frequently and recently have had sudden urges of intense hunger. Does any one know what this means? Really confused as my blood test results were fine.


What was your interpretation of bad diet 9 months ago? Your body might be trying to get rid of the excess protein you are consuming in the form of urea with frequent urination. You said your blood tests came normal. Did you check your blood pressure? Unless you are consuming those 3300 calories, trying to build muscle mass with loading on protein is a bad idea. 55 grams protein consumption is normal but for working out 75-100 grams should be maximum. When you consume protein supplements (depending on what brand you use) you might also be loading on chemicals. There are hidden chemicals in protein shakes. Eating too much carbs creates inflammation in your arteries. You are too young for this but it starts at this age. 

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Be careful your liver and kidneys are working overtime to eliminate the excess protein. Liver tries to convert excess protien into sugar and then fat. But in the process protein synthesis creates urea that need to be eliminated through the kidneys. Body building could be important but damaging the body in the process is worse. Consume only pure whey protein about 25 grams within 1 hour after workout. Do not consume any carbohydrate for at least 2-3 hours after workout. I do not suggest any cassein or soy protein of any form. Although cassein is slow burning it is not good in terms of how it effects the body chemistry. Try to consume only organic pasture fed beef, organic cage free chicken. it is expensive but worth it. Consume less but consume quality protein. Your metabolic type need to be checked for prolonged protein heavy diet. Only people with parasympathetic dominance (autonomic nervous system) should be consuming protein as much as you do. How is your blood pressure? if you were sympathetic dominant with this much protein consumption your blood pressure should have been high.  Is your protein consumption mostly through protein supplements or some from meat products?