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I'm thinking something. After several diets in these past years, lots of stressing concerning weight loss I'm right back where I started and not a pound less. So I'm asking – fad diets – do they even work short term? Is there any normal way for us over weighted to lose those annoying pounds?


They usually work in short terms. But that is probably the only benefit they have. If you are not rigorous to yourself, pounds are gained back very easily. You admit that yourself. What is important to grasp is that you need a complete evaluation of your habits. No one can forbid you to eat what you want and when you want it. Just don't exaggerate. Don't eat three pieces of cake, take one. And start walking, do some light exercises, go to a disco club and dance all night. Believe me, you'll lose weight and feel great!


Its really quite simple, but it will take a little work (not a lot, unless you want to exert a lot of effort!). Diets are NOT effective alone.

1) Lift weights. Don't go for light weight, max reps. . . find out how much weight you can lift 10 times in 30 seconds. . . if it feels like you're just slightly pushing yourself, good! When you get to the last rep it should feel like you can't do anymore! Take a rest, and do it again (you can use less weight if you'd like).

2) EAT A LOT! Find out how many calories you should be eating if you were only 10lbs less than you are. If thats 2000 calories, then try and eat about 2000 cal a day. If you eat too little, your body will realize it needs to store the excess just in case it doesn't get enough. I know this sounds CRAZY at first, since we assume eating is the cause of getting fat. In truth its eating the wrong things, not eating enough, and not working out enough. Eat as much FRESH (not canned) RAW Veggies as you want (steer clear of things like potatoes). Celery with a SMALL amount of PB or Cream Cheese, Green Peppers dipped in salsa. . . ect. (email me for more ideas, or info _[removed]_) Think about it: How many thin people have you seen that can eat, and eat and eat like its nothing? Eat every 2 hours. No matter what. Small meals, and small snacks. It sucks at first, because you'll feel hungry all the time... then comes Thanksgiving (allow yourself to have one "cheat" meal every few weeks!) and you pile your plate like you used to and only eat a quarter of it.

3) DO NOT DO TONS OF CARDIO. Cardio burns fat, but does not really build muscle. Muscle is what actually burns calories stored in your body. SOME cardio is needed, just don't rely on it. If you're female do not worry, you won't look like those freaky body building women *shudder*

My credibility:

I've tried the Atkins and lost 11lbs in my stomach in 2 wks. It was great that I lost the weight, but sucked because I felt so horrible. . . my brain felt dead, and it was really just too expensive. I was at 210 when I started the diet, dropped to 199, and had since (3 years later) tried the IUD for birth control and gained 60 lbs in 4 months (after having been basically 200lbs for 5 years!).

Removed the IUD and lost 40lbs in 3 months without doing anything different (didn't change my diet or even excersise more!). I wasn't aware of the weight loss until I bought a scale later. I started actually paying attention to my diet and following the rules I created for myself after spending 3 years looking for the "right" diet. I don't want to kill my metabolism trying every fad diet under the sun. I've seen so many really fat women say that they used to diet a lot, but they never worked for long. . .

So after reading the rules, I think I found it! Avoid fast food, and fast solutions like the plague. They're also a faster way to weigh more! Enjoy your food when you eat it. Know that its fuel, but truely analzye the tastes. Don't just think "hmm, that was sweet and good". Think "I really like the way natural butter tastes when chicken is cooked in it and topped with a slice of ham, swiss and pineapple ring.

Go to the store and buy yourself a few "kid sized" plastic plates. You know, the ones with the cartoons on them. I use the CareBear plate I had as a kid. This will help you control portion sizes. Don't over FILL the plate! You can go back for more, but you should wait 10 minutes after eating to see if you're really hungry. If you just want more because it tastes good, package leftovers up and have it in a few hours, or for lunch tomorrow.


Really you just just grab a note book and write down all teh "rules" that make sense to you. Study EVERY diet, and talk to people who were on diets that failled, and others that succeeded... and ask how they did.

I'd only been doing that for a few months, and am now pregnant. While I'm 18w and haven't gained any weight, its okay because I'm eating better, and I'm eating enough for both of us (2,100 cal).

Good Luck!