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Alrite, here is my problem.
I'm 14, and for about 1 year now, my foreskins can't retract. It's like there's glue sticking it down past a certain point. Once, there was a buildup of that glue stuff and I scratched it and some of it came off, it really hurt. I can't retract it at all past that point not because it's tight, because of that stuff. What should I do?


well i am no doctor but you might have not yet got separation from your glans [the head of your penis] and that might need looking into as most boys can pull their foreskin back by age 9 ..

also you might have a tight foreskin and you need to get somecream that will soften the foreskin and then you will need to exercise the forskin and stretch it, as for the glue stuff it might be smegma... a byild up of pee and other things that are caught under the foreskin..

you sould try and soak your foreskin in a bath and gently pull back as far as you can go and then use the cream as directed by the doctor and do this a few times a week and you should see an improvement to your foreskin.. see a doctor or ask your dad for help..