i am 14 years old n my bf is 16 v have been together for 3 years. but he has always made me cry. he has confessed that he was not serious for about 1 year but then he realised my value and changed but he was never what a gf needs her bf to be .he was very rude to me for about 1 year and treated me like hell but now he has changed he isnt rude but he never calls me even if hes sitting isolated and free. he luvs his frnds more than me coz he neva cals me if hes with them whenever he goes anywhea i tell him.to call him when he'll b back but he never rather hes sittinh and watching tv or something useles.. i miss my schools for him and he cant miss a show episode for me i fight with my parents for him but he never reciprocates anything i desire for. he feels bad when i talk to boys but expects me to say nothing if he flirts with girls. ive checkd his fb acount many times and saw him flirting with other girls and even said i love u to one of them about 1 year ago and on asking he said that no it wasnt me was my friend...he hurts me a lot simply a lot if i tell him i am ill he doesnt even ask what happened or are u ok now and all that.. he does talks to me nycely but does all these things too i am really confused.. plz dont tell me to break up and move on coz i cannot i luv him a lot. cant do that at aaall..plzzz help me what should i do