my problem feels like the area where my ears and upper left throat and tonsils meet. I have had the smelly yellow bits show up ( I can reach that area with my tongue sort of but not the other side). It feels like there is something there that I cannot swallow. Sometimes it feels like a solid and sometimes it feels like mucous. If I clear my ears it feels like I can just get it, but its still there. I cant help but try constantly. I am even doing this in my sleep or lack of. Results of trying to clear this are gas, heartburn, stomach aches and madness. this has been going off and on as long as i can remember but getting worse now. Insurance kicks in in six months but I don't know if I can make it as it is starting to make me feel claustrophobic plus lack of sleep due to waking trying to swallow is killing me. Thinking about going to an EMT but afraid of logging any pre existing conditions for insurance.... anybody????????