recently read an article mentioning that caretakers who take care of their parents are likely to die earlier then the person they are caring for, plus they are more likely to have cellular breakdown damage.
could you shed more light on this subject.
since 2003 my handicapped daughter and I have been going to my mothers home daily to take care of her. she has demetia. we get her clothes ironed, I give her a shower, also get her dressed, feed her meals, as well as, take her to her hair appointments, doctor appointments, and also throw her trash, bring in her mail, and do her laundry, as well as, clean her entire house every thursday. I also clean my sisters home who lives upstairs from my mother. my sister works but she tends to mom on weekends , and also after coming home from work daily, after 6:00pm.
we can not afford nursing care or nursing home. WHAT can we do?
I DO NOT WANT TO DIE early, I am 59 and my handicapped daughter is 38.