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Hi there i usually fall pregnant incredibly fast after deciding to come of the pill and trying. Well its been 3 weeks and iv already started having symptoms(alot actually) i already have 3 children and know that my body responds very early to pregnancy but 2 tests later and they are negative but iv also done my ovulation tests over the correct time (or so i thought) and also negative ANY THOUGHTS ON THIS?
also my cervix seems very low but very soft is it possible that im testing a little too early for pregnancy or have i parsuaded my body to have pregnancy symptems just cos i want to bee im very confussed


 Hey my friend had the same situation as you do. She is mother of 4 beautiful children but few months back she thought she was pregnant again. She even didn’t want to buy test and she was saying that she knows her own body and that she is definitely pregnant. But after her husband convinced her to do the test it turned out negative. We all thought that the test was broken so she did one more and get the same result.


She didn’t want to give up so she scheduled appointment at the doctor’s office. But after the blood test came back negative as well she was so sad and she was crying for days. The only thing doctor said to her was that she wants to be pregnant again because she has too much obligations around 4 kids so her body reacted the way her mind wanted.


The only way to be sure is to do the blood test.