Let me preface this by saying that I am quite embarrassed with the predicament I am in - primarily because, at age 22, I lack the knowledge I should have over topics like these. In addition to constant paranoia, I have taken quite the anxiety trip all thanks to the "research" I have been doing online... None of it is doing me any good. While I am probably blowing this whole situation out of proportions, I can't seem to let it go and move on with life. But I do need both help and answers - I just don't know what else to do or who else to turn to. Back on the 25th of July, I was involved in an incident with someone I once considered to be a friend. The week prior to that (July 16 - 19, 2016), I had my period. With that being said, and according to the app I use, my "fertility window" was right at it's beginning. The incident lasted no more than a few seconds, when the guy finally gave up and left. Regardless, I was panicked. It's been several months since then, and I am still panicked. My periods have seemingly been normal, though I worry if these are just "period-like bleedings," as some women noted online that they had them all-throughout their pregnancy. My boyfriend has been supportive, even bought me a test to take when I got back to the States (the incident happened while I was teaching abroad). The results indicated no pregnancy. And for a while, I felt better and like I could relax - it was all okay.  But I'm still scared. Since taking the test in December, the constant worry comes and goes. And today I'm still worried about the possibility of being pregnant. Again, people online have said that they've taken plenty of HPT's with a negative result, only to go in to the doctor's office and find out that they're already 5 months in... Again, normal periods up until now... Though I had a "hiccup" back in November (2016) - that probably contributed by disordered eating practices and stress. My boyfriend bought yet another test this last week, and I took it - again, the results said "not pregnant." But why am I so paranoid? I feel like my stomach bulges out and like... I don't know. What are the chances that I could be pregnant and still be having a seemingly normal "period," and "not pregnant" results on HPT's?

Could I still be pregnant? I can't handle this... Emotionally and Academically.